5 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Amazon KDP No/Low Content Books

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Whether you are just starting out, or have been selling on Kindle Direct Publishing for a while now, it is always important to remember 5 SIMPLE things.

Every Seller has their own problems within business (myself included). Some day’s you simple don’t know what to create, while other days you have 1,000 ideas buzzing through your head.

I want to reintroduce seven very simple things that will help improve your sales & mindset about Kindle Direct Publishing. The seventh one is just a little bonus and we will see how many people actually take action.

  1. This is Amazon’s Sandbox.

Have you ever scrolled through Amazon and witnessed a Fortnite or Los Angeles Lakers notebook selling? Or have you ever received an email from Kindle stating a book was misleading to the customer and you just can’t figure out how? Well remember this is Amazon’s sandbox, just because somebody else does something doesn’t mean it is the right thing. We have witnessed brands get taken down LIVE on a webinar for infringing and now that account no longer exists. At the end of the day, you have to live with what you publish on Amazon or any other Print On Demand Website. How would you like it if someone stole your brand and art work from you? I couldn’t imagine that you would be very happy at all, so don’t do it to other brands, companies, teams, movies, etc… We have to follow what KDP says, even if it is seems to frustrate you at times. If you ever have an issue, give Amazon a call, and ask what is going on.

2. Stop Trying To Be Like Everyone Else

It is time to start becoming unique with your books, do something that gives the customer to buy YOUR book. If you make covers that look nearly identical to every other book, and have an interior that you basically copied, how do you expect to make sales? When creating a book, think about the problem you can solve. How will a book make either 1. Someone’s life easier and more efficient, or 2. How will you entertain them with your book? These are both very important questions to ask yourself when creating a new book in a new niche. Learn to be unique & stand out from the crowd. Offer something within your interior that is not only important but that nobody else is offering. Learn from reviews on other products. In most niches you can find a book that has a few dozen reviews. Spend 15 minutes reading through those reviews to find customer requests & wishes. I can’t tell you how many times I have found amazing feedback in reviews for what a customer was really hoping for after purchasing or using the book.

3. Quality VS Quantity


When first starting KDP, I took a bunch of Merch designs, through them up on lined notebooks and waited, and waited, and waited thinking one would just absolutely blow up. Well to this day I am still waiting, while some did sell fairly quickly, and others still sell periodically, none of them are BIG money makers. What about composition notebooks? The same thing happened, I uploaded a bunch and started waiting… While they do well during the back to school season and I can always rack in a good bit of sales over that period they fall flat on their face for the most part after back to school season winds down. Our of my entire library of designs, the books that sell the best and most consistently? Unique books that solve a problem. I have a wide range of unique planners for different niches as well as log books and trackers. The other thing catching fire is a few different educational books (we will talk about this later, don’t worry).

So after spending time creating basic covers, basic interiors, and throwing them up on Kindle Direct Publishing, I quickly learned about a month in that is NOT the way to do it. This is probably the biggest tip I would have been told at the very beginning of my KDP journey, because there wasn’t very many resources at that time. Please note, if you are just starting out, don’t be afraid to upload simple lined notebooks and journals to learn and understand the process. Without the headaches I went through, I don’t think I would be nearly as far along as I am currently.

4. Keywords Are Key

Whether your book is the best thing on the market or the worst thing available, neither of those things will matter if your book never gets a single set of eyes on it. Whether you are just starting out, or have been at KDP for awhile, you know just how important keywords are. I have one important thing to ask you about how you right keywords…

Have you EVER searched in Amazon anything similar to how you write your keyword boxes? Probably not. You not only need to think about the customer, but also include keywords that are ACTUALLY getting search volume every month. Without the correct keywords, your books will sink to the bottom and never been seen again. If you create an account on the site there is a free course where I go over keywords in depth and different ways to approach them!

5. Build A Brand

Tools For Brand Building

Not nearly enough sellers focus on this as most think quantity over quality. Sure, short term, brand building sucks, it takes time, and you might see very little results. Brand building is NEVER a quick way to sell your products, but rather a long term plan to create something of value.

When creating products for your brand, you want to be sure that each and every product continues on a general theme. You do NOT want your brand to be spread to thin, across one million different niches.

Create a product that people will come back for time and time again. Now you might be wondering, how in the world do I create something they will keep using? Create a product so good that they rely on the product. If you create an awesome interior for the “dream journal” niche, and create an appetizing cover, and the interior has proper use and function, allows the customer to track and take notes of the important parts of their routine, odds are they will come back again. Do the heavy lifting up front, and reap the rewards long term.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been around the block a time or two, these are 5 important reminders that I was remind myself of.

P.S. Don’t beat yourself up over Print On Demand. It can be extremely frustrating but focus on the things that you enjoy!!!

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