Are you using Interiors The Right Way On Kindle Direct Publishing?

Every week we get asked over in our Facebook Group, can I use the same interior on numerous uploads? Well the answer is Yes, but the answer is also No at times. In this article we are going to break down exactly how to reuse your interiors on Kindle Direct Publishing the RIGHT way.

First, we need to make sure you understand a few different interior types.

First, we have “No Content Books”. This style of books will be lined journals and notebooks, but very basic & can quickly be scaled to a ton of different target audiences. The downside of creating no content books even though you can create them quickly, you also have WAY more competition.

Second, is “Low Content Books”. A wide variety of books can fall under this category. Things such as planners & guided journals, to puzzle books & coloring books. Low Content Books are a great way to serve an exact market and give customers a product they can actually use. The downside here is they do take a bit more time to create, but the competition drastically drops compared to low content books.

Third, we have “Medium Content Books”. While most readers aren’t touching this area yet, I did want to bring it to your attention. Once you start creating low content books and have coloring pages & coloring books live, it is very easy to colorize those images and turn them into short stories, thus creating medium content books.

Now that we have covered the different types of interiors that are possible within the Print On Demand industry, let’s dive into when it is & isn’t okay to reuse the same interior.

When It Is Okay To Use The Same Interior With Multiple Covers:

No Content & Some Low Content Books Are Perfect For Uploading The Same Interior Twice. No Content Books are usually very general and don’t necessarily have just a single purpose behind them, for example… A daily planner can be used across multiple niches & target markets, the same goes with lined journals.

With daily planners and lined journals, most of us can think of hundreds of niches and hobbies we can target and sell to with the same interior.

Learn From Your Books:

I think way too many KDP sellers are trying to get up as many books as possible as quickly as possible. I am going to be very blunt here for a moment and keep it real. Scaled designs do not sell well. Forcing yourself into 1,000 different niches does not work well. A ton of books doesn’t mean you will make a single sale.

Being unique is what will make you money. With each book you upload, whether it is a lined journal, daily planner, anxiety tracker etc… you should always be targeting an EXACT market.

Learn who you want to sell to, and figure out what THEY need. This goes for the cover you design as well as the interior you create. Different markets mean different styles from colors & graphics, all the way down to the font used on your interior.

So the next time you go to create a low content book, figure out three things.

  1. WHO are you selling to? Who is your perfect customer for your book?
  2. WHAT are you selling? What type of book are you actually creating.
  3. WHY are you selling it? What purpose will your book have? How will it help your customer make their life easier or better? (Puzzle/Activity/Coloring Books – How will this book entertain your customer).

When It NOT Okay To Use The Same Interior With Multiple Covers:

Creating things like puzzle books, activity books, and coloring books can be time consuming. They do take more time, but the market in some niches are wide open.

Most people instantly think about things like Dinosaurs & Unicorns when going to create their first activity book. Well if you take a look at the search results for either of those niches, you are going to be very upset to see over 20,000 results.


When you start niching down and hitting smaller markets like Sloth Dot To Dot Activity Books you start getting into areas with very low competition, but traffic that will still help your books sell. So is it okay to use the same interior for these types of books more than once?

The simple answer is NO.

I personally do NOT upload the same coloring book interior to more than one cover. Coloring books can easily be bought in pairs or with other items. The last thing you want is a customer buying 3 different coloring books and then the interior is all exactly the same.

I know if I bought my niece and nephew a few coloring books or activity books and they received the same book 3 times I would not be very happy. Enough reports of this back to Amazon from this and you could see yourself having a few issues on your hands.

With that being said, learn to create design elements. So when you’re working on said coloring book, you can easily use images whether it be characters, animals, or decorations, you can easily create new scenes and pages. By starting your design library now, you will be able to scale your business the correct way.

Final Thoughts:

When creating your books, be unique. Learn from the books you upload, the last thing you want to do is upload 1,000 books and only make 3 sales for $6.52 in royalties. Always focus on one niche at a time, and learn from what you have uploaded.

Go back and analyze your books after 60 days, if you had some books sell & some did not, look at your covers, interiors & keywords and try to find the differences between what is selling vs what isn’t selling.

If no books are sold, look at what you are creating vs the leaders in the niche. Sometimes things as simple as a font choice is all you need to change because you used a big bubble letter font, when the entire market is wanting a cute cursive font.

Every book you upload you can learn something from, so when was the last time you actually looked back at your old books?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. A useful article that clarifies when it’s fine to use an interior again, and a caveat about when it’s not – puzzle and colouring books with the same interior are a potential disappointment for customers, as well as possible negative feedback.

    There is a spelling mistake! Was it a trick to encourage careful reading of the article, perhaps? ( The mistake appears under the heading, ‘Learn from your books’ where it says US instead of UP. )

  2. I like the idea of creating a design element source. How do you go about doing that and how do you organize it? Is it easier to keep by type of design or by specific niche?

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