Calculating The Correct Cover Size: KDP Cover Templates

When creating your book covers, especially when you’re first starting out or experimenting with new cover sizes, it can be very frustrating attempting to determine the correct cover size.


Why Are Cover Sizes So Important?

When creating No/Low content books, it is very important to give the customer the best experience possible.

For example, if you make a 6×9 coloring book, it can be extremely difficult to color vs a 8.5×11 coloring book which will show case large images for easier coloring.

This will result in a better customer experience and you may start receiving reviews and return customers if they have enjoyed your coloring book.

If we look at planners, and you have a 250 page planner that is 6×9 inches as well, it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to open, use and write in. The reason being the spine only has so much flex, and it becomes extremely difficult to write on the pages as you reach closer to the spine where the pages start to crease. If the customer is not happy with your product, you are more likely to receive a 1 or 2 star review.


General Rule Of Thumb Sizes:

Notebooks, Meal Planners, Log Books and other similar books all work great on 6×9 inches.

Coloring Books, activity books, puzzle books and other similar books do very well on 8.5×11 inches. Smaller 6×9 inch books can do well in this space for purse or “on the go” activity books, but a standard coloring book is extremely hard to use at such a small size.

The standard composition notebook size is 9.75×7.5 inches. Composition notebooks have a very unique look with a black band going down the spine that wraps around the front and back cover. During the back to school shopping season, these books do very well if you do the proper research.


If you are unsure of the cover size you should be creating, take a look at your niche on Amazon and see what the common sizes are for the top selling books.

This will give you a general rule of thumb for the correct trim sizes.


What happens if I am noticing numerous sizes? Should I upload in all of the different sizes?

If you look at a niche like Wedding Planners, you may notice numerous sizes being sold and doing well, in this case, I would test your covers on the two most popular sizes and start split testing. Come back in 30-60 days and see which sizes performed the best, when you go to re-enter the niche, you will know which size has worked best for your style. Remember, your style is different than my style, and my style might be different than the next person. Depending on your fonts, colors, graphics, and titles your results may vary.


It is always important to split test when you notice a handful of things working well. It will help narrow down what will truly work for you. Just because another person is having great success in a niche does not mean that you will have the same success. There are a ton of variables that go into creating quality books that sell. When you start looking at the different variables, it is important to break down each one by one and make sure you are implementing EVERYTHING that your research is leading you to.

Remember your style isn’t always going to match up with every niche, your quality won’t always match up with every niche, you may struggle pulling keywords in certain niches, that is why it is always important to test, test, test. And once you start seeing results, go back into the niche and determine what was working for you and what was working and create more quality books to upload to your KDP account.


Easily Format Your Covers To The Correct Size: 

Cover Templates


How To Use: 

  1. Select Your Trim Size.
  2. Enter Your Page Count You’d Like Your Book To Be
  3. Select Paper Type – Cream, White, Colored
  4. Click Download


You will receive a .ZIP file once you have clicked download, at this point unzip the folder and open the .PDF or the .PNG in your favorite design program. I personally prefer the .PNG, I quickly open it in photoshop, create a new layer and start designing.

Note:  You MUST fill the entire area, otherwise you will have white boarders around your book or sizing issues.

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    Thank you Jacob! Very good information about researching which book size is the best for the niche you are researching! And the light bulb went off in my head just by you stating “I quickly open it in photoshop, create a new layer and start designing”! I realize now that I was doing my PS designing the hard way, by creating a file in the correct size in PS, designing the cover in PS, then using a totally different program to format my PS design for uploading to KDP! Brilliant! I always learn great things from you! Thank You!

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