Ten Question Tuesday: KDP Questions Answered

Ten Question Tuesday: KDP Questions Answered

Welcome To Ten Question Tuesday, where every week we break down the ten most asked questions in our Facebook Group.

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Question: After Publishing A Book How Do You Get It Seen By Customers?

First, you should know your customer base and target market before ever publishing book. Otherwise your 7 keyword boxes will not help you rank and get eyes on your book. So the first thing you want to do is establish who is your “perfect customer”, what type of person do you expect to purchase this book. Second, what are you actually selling? This will help you target the product type, you will want to target keywords or phrases that actually have search volume. Third, what are keywords or phrases that someone would need to type in to find products like yours and others in the niche. Again it is very important to use relevant keywords that relate to your product and target market. Do not start using keywords like Baseball Cards if you are selling a Unicorn Notebook.

After you have established your keyword sets, know your target market, and know WHY you are publishing the book you can turn to AMS is you are interested in running ads. You can create Facebook pages & groups, instagram accounts, start collecting emails and building an audience. This will take a lot of effort up front but can pay off 100 times over.


Can I Use Images From Sites Like Pixabay And Unsplash?

You indeed can, the only issue with sites like Pixabay and other royalty free sites is where the image originated from. You can use sites like Google Reverse  Image Search and Tineye to reverse search images and look for original postings.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of photos may have a logo, graphic, branding stamp or similar within the image. Stay away from these images, an example would be an image of a sports car.

Screenshot at Jan 21 14 59 20

Just because this image is from Pixabay, does not give you proper rights to use the Ferrari logo and car. Be sure to always look for branding stamps, logos, watermarks, and original posting of the image to ensure the image is truly royalty free and you are not infringing upon any brands, companies or artists.

Remember, you are not allowed to create books with elements you do not have commercial licenses to, you may notice a ton of infringing products on Amazon and other sites, but that does not make it okay.


How Do I Determine The Size Covers Need To Be?

Cover sizes can be an annoying part of creating for KDP, especially when first starting out, or when testing new cover sizes you have never created before. KDP offers a free template tool that allows you to download exact cover sizes and templates to easily and quickly start designing on. I also just released a blog post that goes more in-depth about cover sizes and how the tool works.

Link To In-Depth Blog About KDP Cover Sizes: https://www.thepageplanet.com/calculating-the-correct-cover-size/ 

Link To KDP Cover Template Tool: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/cover-templates


Are AMS Ads Useful For KDP Books?

AMS Ads can be VERY profitable, but you can also lose A LOT of money if you are not careful. When starting with AMS ads, start will a smaller budget and closely watch ads, do not hesitate to quickly terminate ads/add keywords to the negative section if they are not converting into sales, but using ad spend.

The biggest issue I see within KDP sellers and AMS Ads, is the quality of book being produced. There are 3 sides of AMS Ads and there is only one side you want to fall under.

Side #1: Crappy Designs & Crappy Interiors: This may result in a lot of impressions but will result in extremely little clicks and very few sales if any.

Side #2: Mediocre Designs: This is costliest side of AMS Ads. Your designs are just good enough to start getting clicks, but you aren’t converting very well. A ton of clicks but little to no sales will become an endless money pit.

Side #3: Great Designs & Covers: This is where you want to be. At times there might be niches you’d like to enter but can’t design to the quality level of successful books, this is where it becomes important to LEARN. Great covers, great interiors that actually serve a purpose will turn into an ATM machine as long as you treat the AMS Ad correctly.

Now, there is a lot more that goes into AMS Ads and creating books, but at the end of the day, yes AMS Ads can make you a large sum of money if you are creating quality books that serve a purpose and understand the AMS platform. Also, you may lose money on books but use the data you get back to fix issues you may have. AMS ads will give you a lot of data about where traffic is coming from, what search terms or phrases are actually getting traffic and a lot more.

We will be doing a full blog post in the near future that focuses on successful ads, how to set up your ads, and when yo say goodbye to an ad.


What Are The Best Sizes For Children’s Books?

With children’s books, it will vary based on what type of book you are actually creating. If you are just creating a simple lined notebook with a funny message on the cover, 6×9 inches generally works well. But if you are creating activity books, coloring books, or puzzle books 8z5x11 inches has generally worked better.

The possibilities are endless with what you can create for children. You can start with simple notebooks and transition into learning and education books that provide a solution to a problem. For example an educational style book can be a learning cursive workbook that has cursive letters within for a child to start working on their own handwriting.


I Published A Large Print Book, But When I Received A Copy, The Text Is Still Small, Why? 

The large print book option during the publishing process does not make the text any larger, it will still publish as the interior is shown. So if you are using a 12 pt font within your interior and select large print during the upload process, the book will still print and ship as a 12pt font. If you’d like to create large print books the “normal” large print font size for a published book is 16-18 pt font, anything larger than 18pt font is considered giant print in some areas.


Where Should I Start My Research At?

Start directly at the source, Amazon.

Most people start with an idea and immediately create the product, upload it, but then wonder why it never receives sales. We call that throwing crap against the wall and seeing what sticks.

Start with the product type, start observing the niche, look at sales rank and look at search volumes, determine if people are actually searching and more importantly buying your product type/idea.

From here, determine who your perfect customer is, figure out WHY they need your book? Are you providing a solution to a problem? Increasing productivity? Connecting on an emotional level?

Once you have determined your niche and target market it is time to start research the needs and wants of the customer. Start looking at interiors on successful books to see what type of sections you need to include on your own interior. Read through reviews to see if you can find any suggestions or complaints from customers. At time you may come across reviews that give you amazing ideas on things to add to your own interior.


Do Holiday Books Work Well On KDP Like They Do On Shirts?

Holiday books can do very well, but you cannot take them at face value. With shirts and Merch By Amazon people will gladly wear a St. Patricks Day shirt out drinking if they are going out, but odds are they aren’t going to carry around a St. Patricks Day notebook with them so you have to approach holidays and events at a different angle.

When you think holidays, an easy route to go is activity books and coloring books based around the holiday or event. They are easy to create and can sell year after year. When creating your activity book you will need to know your target market, because someone that is 5 year old will want a much different book than a 10 year old.

When it comes to a Low Content (LCB) or No Content Book (NCB), you want to approach it from the outside in. So if we think about Christmas, a general themed lined Christmas notebook won’t probably do the best. But you can create shopping lists, naughty list books, Christmas wish list books and other low content books.

Most times holiday books do not do the best with just blank lines inside. Low content books that provide a solution to a problem, helps keep track of tasks or lists, and can still sell year round because they are partially evergreen can do very well.

A Few Examples For You: 

St. Patricks Day: Cocktail And Mixed Drink Books

4th Of July: Children’s Puzzle Books, Activity Books, And Coloring Books. Adult themed books aimed at veterans and patriots.

Thanksgiving: Family Recipe Cookbooks for adults, and Coloring Books for kids.


I Noticed Another Seller Is Selling My Book, Should I Be Concerned? 

Not at all, there are thousands of “dropshippers”. These sellers will sit on listings and hope someone orders from them, when a order is made the dropshipper with then order from you and ship the product to the customer. If you are ever concerned that a dropship is truly stealing your book and product, order one from them, you should see a sale come in within a few days. If you never see a sale show up on your reports, report them to Amazon.

I am still extremely confused why someone would order from another vendor unless they are trying to get over the free shipping requirements for their order.



Can I Change My Keywords And Cover After Uploading? 

Yes, you can change keywords, covers, interiors and descriptions after your book has been published on Amazon.

Simply log in to your KDP account, find the book that you’d like to make changes to and click on the box with the 3 dots.

Editing Your Book Contents On Kindle Direct Publishing KDP

Next, click on “edit print book details” if you’d like to change your keywords or description or click on “edit print book content” to edit your interior or cover.

Edit book contents KDP Low Content Publishing Books


After click on either of the options, you are able to make changes to your book and update your book listing on Amazon.

Reminder: You are unable to change the Title, Subtitle, Author Name, ISBN, Trim Size or Paper Type once books have been published via KDP.


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